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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning as I go

I love outdoor flowers and each year I try my hand a different things. This year I extended my bed all the way around my house. I bought a few annuals, but since we're trying to save money I limited myself. Instead, I bought alot of zinnea seeds. Seeds are cheap and I love zinneas! There's something old fashion and vintage looking about them. I bought about 6 different kinds of seeds and planted them in early May. The hard thing about seeds is that they require patience--something that I lack much of the time. But I have to say the wait was well worth it! Much to my surprise they all came up and look gorgeous (in my opinion). They're all blooming just in time for 4th of July.

Go poooool!

Mary Katherine has learned that the pool (doesn't matter the kind...kiddie, big, water park) is a great place to spend the hot summer afternoons. I don't mind it at all myself, but it's not quite as relaxing as I remember it once being. Last week we went to the water park in Woodward. I brought my point and shoot which hadn't been used for over a year. After a fresh set of batteries it was ready to be put back in action.

On another note, I found out today MK's MRI is not scheduled until September 3. So I guess we will just wait and pray until then.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Medical updates and more...

The blood work, completed after MK's neurology appt., that has came back is normal! The only abnormality was her iron. It was low, so we're on iron supplements. This test was run because I was concerned that she may be anemic. This had nothing to do with the neurological concerns. We're waiting to be scheduled for our MRI and will see if any abnormal results come back from it.
feeding the baby a little tea with a fork
"I've fed my baby, mom! Now what can I do?"

"If you don't come up with something fast, I'm going to go to close my eyes and fake cry!"

"Good idea, mom, I love to draw!"

"But what's better than drawing on paper is drawing on the wall!"

This artistry work came after she had already shredded a sewing pattern I had out and took off running with my 44 oz. full ddp.
Little stinker!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Most would probably consider us at the beginning of our adoption wait. But after the mounds of paperwork, training, and reading we've done, I feel like we've been in the waiting process for a while. There are evenings where I look at Roger and I ask him what in the world have we got ourselves into. But it doesn't take long before all of the "burden" of paperwork goes away and I flood with emotions of our children waiting for us in Uganda. God has given us both a heart for these children!

This video is from a family who is just days from getting their son in Ethiopia. It's powerful!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day

It started 22 months ago...

Love at first sight!

In the almost two years, they've made lots of memories. Here's just a few...

I'm not going to go into detail of how incredible of a father Roger is to MK. My reasoning is that you ladies would go home whining to your husbands of what they aren't doing and well...that's just not what Roger would want. You know Roger...he's not much for public attention.

(okay..maybe I'm being lazy right now and not in the writing mood)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

banana anyone?

I was cutting out a pattern while Mary Katherine was finishing up her supper this evening. This is how I found her. I guess she decided to wear her banana rather that eat it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our weekend (both the planned and unplanned)

As I mentioned in the last post, we had a very busy weekend. What I didn't realize while writing that post was the unplanned events that would make it even crazier. Mary Katherine traveled well to OKC and did well at her doctor's appointment with the neurologist. The neurologist does have concern with MK. We had blood work done after the appointment and will be scheduled to go back to Children's for a MRI on her brain and spine. Until the test are run, she couldn't say much as far as possible diagnosis. This was unexpected for me, as it seems like she's improved so much lately with her walking. I thought this visit as more precautionary, but am thankful to have early diagnosis if there is something we need to know. Please pray for healing and for peace as it will be long month as we find results of tests and run others.

After the doctor's visit, we drove on to Tulsa to spend a couple days there for me to take pictures and MK and my mom to visit my sister and her family. MK had a great time with her cousins playing in the pool, playing with toys, and lots of good eating. I don't think she even noticed me being gone half of the time.

On Saturday, we had the van loaded and ready to go, had MK in her carseat, and then I couldn't find the keys. An hour and a half later we still could not find the keys. We had 4 adults that had searched the house, car, and everything else and still no keys. I found out the from the dealership that they could make a key, but would have to program it to the car. Thus, meaning the van would have to be towed to the dealership. All the while, I had 7 families planning on me being in Ringwood that afternoon for pictures. It was becoming obvious this was not going to happen. So here is where my wonderful sister and brother in law step in, let me take their vehicle to Ringwood while they take care of the whole car issue--towing, ordering keys, picking it up, etc. and then met me half way with my child and mother that evening so we could go back home. After making it home, Kizzy texts me to tell me Jason was now on the side of the road with a blow out, non-functioning jack, and waiting for AAA to tow his car. (Yes, the second car towing of the day!) WHAT A DAY! It may be a while before they invite us back to their house! And then I may have mandatory check in of keys upon arrival.

MK has a new look she's been trying out in several context. I've captured a few of them, but not quite the one I'm looking for. She gave it alot on Thursday while we were at the doctor. It was pretty funny when she kept giving it to the lady that took her blood. The picture in the swimsuit below is about my best picture I've got of her with the look.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Very busy times ahead...

We've got a crazy few days ahead! We're headed to OKC early this morning for MK's neurology appointment. With Mary Katherine's physical delays, the doctor wants to make sure there isn't any neurological reason for this. Please pray that this appointment goes well! She didn't go to sleep until 9 last night and decided to wake up at 5, so it should be a great time in the car and at the doctor. She's decided that she really dislikes all doctor offices and anyone who works there. We've been too many times in the past few months! The last appt with the ENT was eventful as she screamed at him and kicked him. After the appointment this morning, we are then going east to Tulsa. My sister helped me line up 5 families to photograph Thursday and Friday. Thankfully, my mom has agreed to accompany us in our trip! MK will have a great time playing with her cousins (okay...she's probably more excited about their toys)! She does get excited to say their names and talk about them. On our way home on Saturday we are stopping around Enid at my aunt's house. There, she has arranged several families for family pictures. I am so thankful for the business and means to raise money for our adoption! I hope I haven't overdone it in one weekend. I must go as I have about an hour before we need to get on the road. Thanks for the prayers! You'll be hearing back from us soon!