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Friday, October 30, 2009

Play Date

Mary Katherine had her friend Cate over this morning to play. I love watching MK play with other kids her age. I see more of MK's personality come out. And let's just say this morning it was confirmed again of her outgoing, dominant personality.
MK loves to squint smile for the camera. It's quite the grin!
They're just enjoying some time with the remotes.
MK giving a little back rub, while Cate watches TV. We like to really cater to our guest!
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More of Houston

I somehow managed to take a lot of pictures of Mary Katherine and the dogs, but failed to get her with Aunt Holly and Uncle Brian. Next time we'll definitely want some pictures with them. She loves them!
She sometimes like to pose for the camera.
On Sunday, the boys watched MK while I got to go to a baby shower for Holly and baby Julia.

And to end our trip, we flew back to Tulsa to see the first day of my nephew Levi's life. I'm waiting for Kizzy to post pictures first. What's taking her so long? What else does she have to do? :)

A little time south of the border...

well...not quite south of the border but close to it. MK and I (along with my parents) went down to Houston to visit sister Holly and Brian, little Julia (still in utero), and...
Isaac - a very masculine, tough looking Westie

Titus-a squinting like Popeye, life's been a little rough on him lately, rather LARGE Boxer

She played a little with Isaac...

He wasn't really interested. But then came Titus. By the end of the weekend, MK was feeding him from the high chair, tickling his legs, and examing his ears. But don't think that Titus didn't pay back any favors. He made sure her hands were always clean and supplied her with many face kisses. According to Holly, Titus was even a little depressed Monday after MK left.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Are you Branded for Life?

This year's theme for OSU homecoming was Branded for Life. Through my upbringing and college experiences I have definitely been branded for life. Everytime I go to Stillwater my body floods with emotions of happiness and nastalgia of the wonderful memories made there. Sometimes I have a hard time with how much it's changed lately. I just want it to stay the same it was. Is that too much to ask? I'll even admit that possibly Roger and I's last major argument had to do with OSU. I'll just say it's like family, it cuts deep when you talk bad about my Cowboys or university. We won't go there...

Anyway, my parents have provided the opportunity for me to get to go back every year and enjoy homecoming. I am very thankful for them doing this and look forward to it every year. Here are a few pics from the awesome weekend!

Here we have a family pic in front of the orange fountain in front of the library. I didn't personally spend alot of time in this building. However, I did walk by it everyday and when I think of buildings at OSU, this one is one of the first to come to mind.
Here we have MK playing in the beautiful pansies in front of the Student Union (another icon of OSU).Grandma Jules and Wyatt mapping out the route for the Walk Around. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the house decs or walkaround. I learned this year that Walkarounds are a little different with a stroller. I spent most of my time dodging people and trying to get around the mazes of people. Roger first attempted to be the "driver" but was not aggressive enough behind the wheel. I tried to explain you can be polite and still pull out in front of people. And now we have made it to Saturday's parade. My highlight of course were the parade marshalls--Garth Brooks, Barry Sanders, and Robin Ventura. Awesome alumni representatives! Would you expect anything less graduating from Oklahoma State.?

We are considering the purchase of one of these monster limo suburbans. They seem so practical and the gas mileage I'm sure is great!

Cousin Ev has some awesome volume. Check out his hair-do for the parade!
The Express Clydesdales really are HUGE animals! I believe Everett referred to them as giraffe horses??
Grandma Jules and her sister Ginger enjoying the parade. Look at them and their quilted orange jackets. They must think alike!

No pictures of the football game as the game as at 8pm and we walked in the very COLD temperature from our hotel. Good game. MK stayed at the hotel with Aunt Kiz and Wyatt.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I love this pale muted green color of pumpkin. I bought one and am thinking about saving the seeds to try to plant next year. Maybe I can have a pumpkin patch at the farm with all these varieties. I'm sure everyone would be on board for that. It's gotta be big money! Maybe just the small circle...come on dad what do you think? And while I'm thinking about it...what about one of those fun corn mazes in another circle???
Such cute little friends!
MK mainly was eating rocks all afternoon.

We don't have any fun pumpkin patches around here that I know of, but there is a really neat store that sells all kinds of pumpkins not far from Laverne. We went with a group of friends and enjoyed looking at all the different varieties, gourds, and fall flowers.
On another note, MK woke up with a fever this morning. It remained up all day, so I took her into the clinic. He diagnosed it as N1H1. Very disappointing for all as we have been looking forward to this weekend in Stillwater for homecoming. Looks like we'll have to wait for next year.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Early Halloween Dress Rehearsal

Since we were staying in Bricktown for the wedding and all the cousins were together, we decided to take early Halloween pictures. I do believe these are the cutest Wizard of Oz characters I've ever seen! My mom made "Dorothy's" costume and Kizzy made the Scarecrow. Aren't they talented?! It was fun walking around the canal. I wish I lived closer to places like this because there are so many picture opportunities! You can see all of the other cute pictures I took at www.catphotography.zenfolio.com (just a little plug.. ;) )

Those ruby slippers didn't want to stay on. Thank goodness for dad! He babysat MK all weekend and really helped out with picture taking.

Here we have Scarecrow helping Dorothy with her ruby slippers and the courageous lion on the prowl.

Ev had several expressions that he believed were true to the scarecrow character. This was a popular one. I'm not sure that the scarecrow had a big chew in his mouth? Perhaps he has seen a different version of the movie than I've seen.

Wedding Fun!

We had a great weekend with all of our family in celebration of little brother's wedding. It's still a little hard to believe he's married. We look forward to having Abby here full time and will enjoy having future cousins in the same town as us.
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Rehearsal Dinner

We kicked up our heels and had a good time at the rehearsal dinner. The kids got chicken fingers and french fries--always a sure fire win for Mary Katherine.
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She's got it goin' on...

Two kids, nine months pregnant, and she's still got it going on!