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Thursday, November 18, 2010


We received great news yesterday that Mary Katherine's tests were "normal"! We'll go back to the neurologist December 7 to find out what the next steps will be. We're praying that she no longer has concern and dismisses us from her care!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prayer Request

I'm posting this to my fellow readers in request for prayer. Mary Katherine has some tests and a doctor appointment in OKC Monday and Tuesday and mom is having quite a bit of anxiety over it all! The tests are called Nerve Conduction Velocity Test (NCV) and an EMG. We wake her up at 4:00am tomorrow and she is to be sleep deprived for the tests starting at 1:00. After some research, I've found that these can be very painful for the patient. It involves needles into her muscles and other electric shocks to test her peripheral nerves. I do NOT want to experience this tomorrow, but understand that it is the next step in a possible diagnosis or clearing out other possibilities. Tuesday we see a pediatric orthopedic specialist. I predict that she will be hesitant towards any doctor after Monday's testing. Please keep this in your prayers! Thank you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkins, Ponies, and Peter Pan

Mary Katherine and I spent almost a week in Tulsa with the Webb family. Mom was taking pictures and MK was getting some great time with cousins! She's becoming the age where she really enjoys seeing them and playing with them (and all of their toys).
While there we visited a pumpkin patch.
"Welcome to our log cabin!"

Pumpkins make great seats when you are in need of a break!

I was able to convince my mom to come for the trip. I really had to pull her arm to get her to spend time with her grandkids.

A long (two minute) ride on a pony was a must.

And, of course, posing with the many picture places.

This was my first trip to "the pumpkin patch" as well. I was a bit surprised that it was simply a stand set up in the middle of town. Pretty simple set-up. I'm thinking we need one of these in Laverne--easy money maker!

We had a little dress rehearsal/picture shoot Friday for the Peter Pan cast.
Peter Pan: Ev
Captain Hook: Wy
Tinkerbelle: MK
Crocodile: Levi

Some were a little more excited about their role then the others. I think Levi really wanted the part of Peter Pan.
Sunday, the kids went around the block trick-or-treating. Of course, they all loved getting candy!

Mary Katherine happily accepted a ride back on the wagon!
Dad came over on Sunday to see us on Sunday for a little Trick-or-Treat fun!
Thanks to the Webb crew for hosting us! We enjoyed our time with you!