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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miss Teeny

Since MK turned three, we now go to WW for her OT twice a week. She had been a little jealous of Felix going to school, so I told her that this was her school. One of her teacher's names is Tina. Last week I heard this conversation between Felix and MK...
Felix: I go to school.
MK: I go to school too!
Felix: What's you teacher's name?
MK: Teeny
Felix: (cracks up laughing) Teeny!
MK: (yells angrily at Felix) Don't laugh at me!


As I was editing pictures the other day, MK looks at the picture of a girl around her age (who she does not know) and tells me that she is her best friend. I look at her questioning and in all seriousness she tells me that her name is Sedah (pronounced Say-dah). Since then I've heard her using the name several times. I guess we have a new friend.

MK...What are you doing?

Roger has been tucking Felix in at night while I enjoy listening to it over the monitor. A few weeks ago this was the prayers...

Felix: Thank you for mommy
Thank you for daddy
Thank you for Jesus

MK: Thank you for mommy
Thank you for daddy
Thank you for pictures

As I listened to tonights bedtime prayers I heard them both give their list of thankfulness and then Roger interrupts loudly...

Roger: MK...What are you doing?
MK: I'm licking you!
Roger: I know. Let's not do that.
(Roger came down to tell me that she was licking his arm all the way up like a cat.)

Friday, August 12, 2011

The more we get together, together, together...

Did you sing that song in pre-K? I'm getting myself geared up for school starting next week remembering songs. We also did alot of "Where is thumbkin..." My favorite was "Going on a Bear Hunt". School starts next Wednesday!

We had a fun visit from my aunt and some of her grandchildren (my cousin's children) last week. Here the boys were riding motorcycles. Boden said they were model 1,000 and 3,000 bikes.

We are also getting ready for football season! Go Pokes (And Dallas Cowboys, I guess)!

Three books at one time! That takes some talent!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A full week of cousins...

As mentioned in the past post, both of my sisters, and their children were visiting this past week. We did alot of playing, alot of reading, and (as always) alot of good eating!

This HOT summer has consisted of water and mud time for the kids.
I believe this was pudding with garnishes...anyone hungry?
We have run and jumped in the pool too many times to count.

MK tries to keep up! It's been good excercise for her. Bless her heart!

Lately, they've been into acting out Cinderella and cleaning/scrubbing everything.

Occassionally, we forced some hugs.

Hauling dirt was fun for the boys.

I was also able to take some family pictures for my sister. You can view some of my favorites on the photography blog. I think her children really became attached to me by the end of the week and I'm certain I'm the favorite of the bunch! ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First time meetings with all of the cousins!

This week we've enjoyed spending time with all of our cousins on my side of the family! This is the first time we have met baby Sam and Felix was able to meet my sister, Holly, and her children!

Please watch!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dragon Vs. Spiderman---Who wins?

Felix' first request while in Uganda was Spiderman underpants. ---check.

Soon after he found out he'd be going to school, he requested a Spiderman backpack---check.

He's talked about riding a bike since Uganda as well. So, of course, when I asked him what kind...a Spiderman bike.

Last week, I received an email from a merchant with bikes half off. I checked for Spiderman, with no fortune. It appeared there was an overstock on dragon bikes. I was faced the decision of great deal or Spiderman.

Dragons are cool, aren't they?

Passing the Days

If we are outside, we are in the water! Inside time is spent in many creative forms....

Dreaming of a rainy, cool day...!Trying out some new fashions with baby head bands...

Sibling bonding...

Wishing we were swimming...
Lots of book reading...

And occassionally a nap! (but he wasn't tired that day)

Our favorite neighbors!

We LOVE our neighbors! BUT we don't love that they are leaving us in a week! These three kids are seriously the sweetest kids and MK and Felix are going to miss them so much!

Felix and Claire were going to be in the same class this year. :(
MK and Claire are only two weeks apart in age! They've been friends for life!

MK has been sweet on Cole since she was a baby.