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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It is so good to be in our home, to be back with Mary Katherine, and have large fountain drinks with ice! Okay so maybe the last one wasn't quite as important, but still it's the little things that sometimes you take for granted! Mary Katherine was so sweet the morning after we got home, showering us with hugs and kisses. I've caught her a few times rubbing Felix' head and kissing his forehead. The newness of having a brother has begun to wear off and I've had to referee several arguments, but I guess that comes anytime that you go from the only child to two children. The days' agendas are fairly simple as we continue to learn more about Felix, teach him life with a family, and try to keep cool. The day after we returned, we were welcomed with 115 degree temperature. Felix' response to that was "The sun is getting me!". Ouch. Welcome to Oklahoma summers!

first swim

Wahoo! Swimming is fun! It took a while to convince Felix to get his shorts wet, but there's no stopping him now! I think it's time for some swimming lessons but probably first a good lifejacket!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Introducing Felix Ssentongo Teal

Born 05.15.2006
Ours 06.20.2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's day Tribute

Hello from Uganda! We are 5 weeks in, and I haven't posted yet. Our time has been good here. I've got so many pictures and stories to share. We're trying to get as much Uganda as we can so that we can teach Felix as he grows up about his country and heritage!

Today is Father's Day! I didn't think about the possibility of being gone for father's day, so I was caught off guard without anything to offer for the dads in my life.

Dad--If you are reading this, I appreciate, so much, everything. You always provided for me anything I needed--and beyond. You worked very hard (and continue to) to give us a good life. Your relationship with Christ is visible and real. You have compassion for those without! I've witnessed it many times! You have an adventurous spirit that you've passed on to me. You have supported me in my many adventures. Thank you for being supportive in this adoption and for being a great Papa to my babies!

To Roger-- We've spent the last 744 hours together! Wow! And to top it off, slept in a full size, short bed under a misquito net! (Maybe we should call it a canopy bed. :)) I have had the privilege of watching you get to know our son. You don't stand by and watch--you bathe, feed, clothe, play and more. Thank goodness your patience exceeds my own!! You display affection to your children in a way I have not known. You are a wonderful dad to both of our children. I know it breaks your heart to be away from MK. Happy Father's day for the first time as a dad to two!

The last few weeks, I've seen so many children without a father in their lives. My heart breaks for these children as fathers provide so much that a mother can not!

Beautiful song by @Esterlyn inspired by adoption. Read the lyrics…

He heals the broken hearted
He binds their wounds
He is love
He finds those forgotten
Those who’ve been abused
He is love
He knows your name

A Father to the fatherless
A healer of the brokenness
You make beauty from the ashes
A helper to the helpless
A fighter for the hopeless
You Love those who are alone
He comforts the lonely
He hears their cry

He is love
He holds the children
Throughout the night
He is love
He knows your name
Give us your heart Lord help us love the unseen
Give us your eyes Lord help us love those in need

Esther from luke caldwell on Vimeo.

The following blog, is where I found this song. It's a great read!