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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My heart is full...

Like mother...

like daughter...
I love this face! And yes...the black thing on her chin is styrofome packaging from the new computer. Do you think it's bad for children to chew on styrofome? I didn't see any WARNING labels that came with it. :) I guess I need to get MK in typing classes. It looks like she's doing the one finger pecking. I know she didn't learn that from me. (Maybe she got that from her dad??)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All I Want...

is to get up these stairs! Perhaps if I go in at a diagonal it will be easier?

Oooh...I've got 1 leg up. What to do next???
I won't give up!

First Teethers?

I wonder if they used these before "teethers" were invented. It sure seemed to work for us!

Me and my best friend...

the thumb and bebe

We are the TIGERS?

I'm not so sure she's sold out yet!

On the Prowl? (the many faces of MK)

She spots her prey and she's on the prowl.
Getting closerGrrrr...gotcha

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She's got legs...(but she doesn't know how to use them)

We just got back from our 12 month check-up and the doctor said she's doing well (except of course he said she's behind some physically--not pulling up/walking around furniture) Up until then, I was still somewhat elated that she's crawling. He wasn't impressed. Overall, a good visit with a not so great ending--4 immunization shots with 3 still needed. I had him check out her cough, and he says it's allergies. NW Oklahoma is a great place to live with allergies. Looks like we'll get to live with these for a while.

According to the charts, here's where she's at...
Height: 32 inches 97+% ---I always have thought she looks long.
Weight: 22 lbs. 3 oz. 75%
Head: ?? inches 90%--big head, like me

At what age do you stop telling everyone your daughters weight and how she compares with other girls her age???

On another note...MK hasn't napped over 30 minutes for over a week now but is now going on 2 hours. This happened one other time after shots. Is it wrong for a small part of me to enjoy vaccinations?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chillin' with the cake!

MK was funny with her cake. I think she enjoyed the texture and squishing it more than anything. She massaged it, squished it between her fingers, and then decided to go ahead and rest her upper body on it. She did eat and lick frosting in the meantime.

1 Year Pictures

Squinting the eyes and scrunching the nose is the common smile I get.
My friend helped me make the bloomers for her outfit.

This face is pretty cute...don't you agree?

And here we have the smile again. Love those teeth!

This is the tu-tu that MK's cousin, Lilly, gave her for Christmas last year. Thanks Chandra!
I've put the other pictures on the story boards posted in the post below.
You may notice that she is wearing small or no bows. Unfortunately she won't wear the big ones anymore. I'm struggling with her hair right now, because it's getting longer in the very back. (A little bit mullet-like)

And she turns one...

(I'm a little late with this post as our computer has been crashed, repaired, crashed, and now dead. We are waiting for a new one and it's killing me!)
Before I had Mary Katherine, I never realized the depth of love, pride, and joy that I would have for my own child. At the same time, shocked by the level of thought, concern, and energy she requires as well. She is such a blessing to me! Sometimes it seems like she is changing daily as she is understanding more, communicating (non-verbal and some verbal), and MOBILE!