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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gettin' Down and Dirty

Doing the girly stuff with Mary Katherine is fun, but starting yesterday we've been getting dirty! So long to the painted nails and pretty hair! You can throw out the tea from the tea party and take us outside! Mary Katherine loves sticks, rocks, and dirt (and unfortunately even the manure brought in as fertilizer)! She's smelled it, felt it, and tasted it! So all of you readers out there with boys..don't think you're the only ones who can get dirty. This girl's not afraid to get her hands dirty!

(Pictures to come, as mom was also dirty and didn't have the camera.)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

19 months ago...

our lives were changed with the birth of this girl!

Things about Mary Katherine that make me smile today:
1. Anytime I have the camera out pointed her way she stops and says "cheese". CUTE!
2. LOVE her little pigtails and ponytails and that she thinks they're pretty!
3. All I have to say is the word chocolate or cookie, and she is all over it.
4. Her vocabulary is growing everyday and it's so fun to hear her repeat words or sayings that I must say quite often. i.e. "there you go"
5. Naming people in pictures is always fun.
6. She loves to sing songs with me! Her favorites are E-I-E-I-O, Twinkle Little Star, Head Shoulders...
7. We have some goats on main street (yes I did say main street) that we go see often. MK makes a great goat noise just like her momma. It's so good they come to us. Just call us the goat whisperers.
8. We painted her toenails the other day. Her initial reaction was to lick her toes, but in the end she decided it was pretty fun!
9. She loves pointing out circles, counting to three (one, do, wheeee), and the color orange (for OSU of course).
10. She melts my heart when I'm holding her and she looks up at me and gives me a big smile!
11. And of course, I love her kisses in any form--open mouth, closed, or blown.

Monday, March 22, 2010

a VERY fun and busy few days.

Wednesday morning we started our trek to Tulsa with two adults in the front and three car seats in the middle seat---MK, Wyatt, and Ev. Two hours into the trip we stopped at Arapaho to have lunch with Grandpa Harold (no, it's not on the way). We had a few scares there involving missing medication, handling of scissors, mouse poison, and fun with the grandfather clock. Let's just say Grandpa's house is not child proof, but we did make it out alive and with no trips to the ER! So around 1:00 we loaded back into the car headed for Tulsa. Holly and baby Julia were flying in from Houston to spend a few days with the family. We were very happy to arrive in the Webb's driveway after a full day in the suburban!

Thursday morning we took a trip to the park.

Friday the weather was beautiful and we headed to the zoo's opening day.

The zoo was great fun. So fun, that this is what we saw in the back of the car on the way home...

and of course we had to end the great morning with lunch at ...

That night we went to Ted's. MK's supper consisted of chips, tortillas, and sopapilla. Do you see a commonality between these? YUM! Unfortunately, I can't say my supper much was much healthier.
Due to our winter storm we spent Saturday in the house hanging out with the cousins. This was the first time for all five grandchildren to be together!

We had a wonderful 5 days being with with family, visiting fun places, and eating great food. Kizzy was a great host.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

ten perfect toes

five straight days of high fever

double ear infection

little sleep

a mother begins to get discouraged

and then she sees this...

and she's reminded to count her blessings.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the good AND the ugly

Most of the time I'm looking for the happy, fun pictures for the blog, but I think in all fairness I should also show the "other" side. The side that some of you may not know...
I'd like you to meet...Miss Whine

Same cute face--add the sad eyes--and a lovely sound.

Happiness is...

MK woke up this morning with a fever and I wasn't feeling so hot either. So, it's one of those days. One of those days...where I let MK do things that I may not her do on other days...for the relief of everyone.

Monday, March 8, 2010

hair = work

I'm starting to understand why all of my childhood pictures show my hair cut short like a boy. It's hard! I can't keep her still long enough to fix it and in no time at all it's completely messed up!

But in the few short moments it's "fixed", it's sooo cute! Maybe it's worth it. MK thought the bow made it all "pity". Don't worry... I'm not cutting it. I've seen enough bad shots of me, to want better for my child. :)
Any advice?