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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun Weekend for All

Last weekend we were able to get away for an overnight stay in Stillwater. We checked into our hotel room and Roger and the kids swam in the pool for a bit before we needed to head out. I had pictures scheduled that evening at Theta Park, so we got there a little early and let the kids play. They had a great time. The weather was perfect. The marching band was practicing on library lawn. It all set up for a great evening.

With Felix around, MK has become more active. This has been great for her strength building.

We played a little football.

Felix is no Blackmon, but he sure tried!

Mary Katherine thought this even looked a little painful! He needs a little work with his hands.

Down, Set, Hut

I'm ready!

An aggressive tackle by dad.

He may think he's a little better than he actually is...

MK giving her hand signs...whatever this one means.

Let's try out the running game.

Time out to watch the band.

While I was taking pictures, Roger took the kids touring around campus. They loved going into all the buildings, riding the elevator of the "glass" building, and their favorite was the library where they perused the periodicals.

We ended the evening with Canadian bacon/pineapple pizza at Hideaway--a favorite of mine and Rogers.

(By the way...kids meals at Hideaway are only $1.79 and kids drinks are $.69!)

Saturday morning we woke up, did a little shopping, and then headed to the tailgate.

There was some monkey climbing with the cousins.


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